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Pilates Clothes Be Comfortable And Get Fit

When you’re doing Pilates, clothes matter. The important thing when you’re doing these exercises, whether you’re on a Pilates machine or you’re doing the movements on your own, is to wear clothes that fit properly and are comfortable. No matter how fashionable a certain workout outfit might be, it’s not good Pilates clothes if you’re aware of being uncomfortable the whole time you’re exercising.

Choose clothes that aren’t too tight or too loose. This can take a little time in the fitting room at the store, because what seems to be all right while you’re standing up might not feel so great when you’re bending over or lying on your back.

When you try on the Pilates clothes you’d like to have, move around in the fitting room. Lift a leg and lift your arms. Bend over. Now think about how loose the pant legs are—if you’re on your back on a Pilates machine, how well could someone see up the your pant leg? If it’s too loose, you could give them quite a show.

How low cut are your Pilates clothes? When you bend over, does the cleavage become too revealing? Does the back pull up and possibly reveal more skin that you would like? If you’re wearing shorts, also consider what might show when you bend over, and how comfortable they might be if you bend and straighten repeatedly.

Because you will be on your back sometimes, and you will be rolling onto your back, think about any features on your Pilates clothes that could be uncomfortable. Any ties, buttons, beads or embellishments that will come between you and the floor could be potentially painful.

Don’t forget to consider your underwear—those are part of your Pilates clothes, too. A sports bra can offer extra support while dispensing with metal or plastic hooks against your back. You might not normally mind those hooks, but when you’re on your back on the floor, after a while they could dig into your back and become uncomfortable.

Some exercise clothes and workout tops are designed with a built-in bra for support while offering soft fabric with no bunches or embellishments. You could also opt for a regular, supportive bra with a clasp in front, if you don’t like sports bras.

Many people wear thong underwear because they’re comfortable—almost like wearing nothing at all. But are they really going to be comfortable for you to exercise in? Some people like them, some don’t. You might consider regular full or bikini panties to avoid your underwear bunching and becoming uncomfortable. And go for plain, unembellished underwear, with no appliqu? jewels or other features, to be sure those won’t irritate you.

While it’s important that your clothes aren’t too tight and restricting, you also won’t want them to be too loose, especially if you’re exercising on Pilates machines where clothes that billow too much could get caught in the springs. If you’re in doubt, choose Pilates clothes that are just loose enough to allow you to move.

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