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How To Lose 10 Pounds

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Thanks to the abundance of information on the Internet, it’s a lot easier to lose 10 pounds. Lots of people set this as a goal to reach in a week, a fortnight, ten days or a month, yet they overlook the importance of maintenance. It is really great to lose 10 pounds and be able to get in that favorite jeans of yours, but keep in mind that sudden weight loss is not healthy and that healthy living is essential for the overall well being. Goal setting is incredibly important for successful weight loss, and I’ll tell you why.

Many people, especially women, want to lose weight to look great for some event. This kind of approach to weight loss is wrong because it leaves you without motivation. To give one other example, let me refer to those people who want to lose weight in order to get a better date or to improve their sex-appeal. Keep in mind that weight loss is about YOU, not about some romantic date or a great social event you have to attend!

Before you decide to lose 10 pounds, take a little time and ask yourself about the reasons for this change. Why do you want to lose weight? Be honest with yourself! The good reasons here include:

-to improve health, rejuvenate and discover the joy in life;
-to fight or prevent some health problem;
-to support a a major lifestyle change or a healthy lifestyle;
-to give up bad eating habits and boost up self-confidence etc.

There are plenty of other situations that illustrate negative motivation, but there’s no point in insisting on them. Make it a test; lose 10 pounds and analyze your condition. Compare the way you feel before and after! However, the program you select and the approach to weight loss matter a lot.

A balanced diet, regular physical exercises, good night sleep and proper hydration are the best way to deal with overweight. These alone help you enjoy the full benefits of fitness. Crash diets, restrictive weight loss programs, enemas and other ‘extreme’ weight loss methods work against your body. You may lose 10 pounds with them, but you won’t feel energized, rejuvenated or fit. Quite the opposite!

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Learn the 10 EASY RULES of dieting & fat loss Fat Loss For Idiots - Read More ...

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