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hcg diet reviews reveal the pros and cons of the diet

Individuals who need to lose some weight typically try the latest diet programs available in the market. For many years, thousands of diet programs have appeared that offer various claims. A lot of people are curious about the hcg diet since its approach goes against basic nutritional concepts. The hcg diet disseminates to the public that the program can help them shed as much as 15kgs. Alternatively,there are groups who oppose this diet due to unfounded claims it presents.Hcg diet reviews provides a wealth of information on how people reacted to the diet. Reading hcg diet reviews can help you decide whether it would be an appropriate method for your need. Before trying the hcg diet, read the following comments from different points:

* Some of the comments in hcg diet reviews consider the diet approach as safe since a doctor must monitor the method. Part of the diet entails several shots of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) , a naturally occurring hormone created by the body. Since this diet needs medical supervision, some people think it’s relatively safe. The hcg diet program can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands, depending on the clinic. Some clinics charge exorbitant fees for the 30 day program according to hcg diet reviews found online.

*The hcg diet has been proven effective by some people who tried it. However, there are some who failed to finish the cycle due to severe hunger. Not all people are physically prepared to withstand the low calorie diet.

*Hcg diet reviews websites always warn people about the lack of scientific research to back up the effectiveness of the method. The diet does not have a good reputation for some groups because a doctor that promoted this book had issues with authorities. Actually, a research conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition disputed the effectiveness of hcg diet.

*Individuals who advocate exercise and diet together are not in favor of the method based on some hcg diet reviews. There are people who prefer a wellness program that incorporates exercise when addressing weight issues.

This diet is a good approach to lose weight; however,consider the pros and cons by reading hcg diet reviews before making a decision.

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