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The Story of Weight Loss Twin – Bill Germanakos

This is the story of Bill Germanakos, one of the famous Weight Loss Twins and winner of season four of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. By the time Bill Germanakos was forty years of age he weighed over 330lbs. Whilst on a trip to his doctor he was told that his high blood pressure was seriously damaging his health. His high cholesterol levels meant he was at risk of getting heart problems This was all due to his weight. Bill’s pop had also died at an early age from weight-related problems as had, Pete, a dear family friend.

Bill resides in Lynbrook NY. He is extremely happily wed to his wife, Stephanie, and they have 3 beautiful kids. The idea his his size may mean he wouldn’t be around to see his family grow up was ample to make Bill decide to do something about it – “To become half the man, so that he might be two times the man”.

He and his twin Jim, the Weight Loss Twins, are terribly close and have always been very competitive since they were youngsters. So when they auditioned for the largest Loser, they knew that their brotherly rivalry would help them to shed their extra weight.

Bill is 5’8″ tall and, when the Weight Loss Twins entered the tv show, he weighed 334lbs. When he was eventually announced winner of the series he weighed 170lbs. He had lost 164lbs or 49% of his beginning weight – an extraordinary feat. He was now literally Half the Man! The other half the the weight reduction Twins, Jim, was eliminated after the 5th week of the show but went on to win first prize of $100,000 as an “at home” contestant.

From that time, Bill has been striving to be “Twice the Man”, for himself, in his job – he is a medical rep – and particularly for his wife and youngsters. He has found out so much about diet and exercise which has now become part of his regular daily schedule. After so much personal success – he lost 164lbs and won $250,000 – his target is to “pay it forward” to show people how they too can overcome obesity.

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