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Body weight may fluctuate throughout our life but as long as differences are not very significant and permanent perhaps there is no real need for anyone to worry too much. Overweight becomes a problem when you no longer fit in clothes, you feel heavy and burdened when trying to move or be active. When you reach that point you wish you could lose 10 pounds a week and get your younger slimmer look in just a fortnight.

There is one secret though for you to lose 10 pounds a week. Suggestions on this matter vary greatly, and of course they revolve around diet first and foremost. Dr. Stevenson is a well reputed dietetician who has come up with a plan that associates a certain type of food with every day of the week. On the first day it is recommended that you eat soup and fruit except bananas, drink tea that has no sugar or sweetener of any kind, and water. The second day keeps the soup and the liquids, crosses out the fruit, peas and corn while replacing these with fresh and raw vegetables. Baked potatoes with butter is the suggestion for dinner here.

If you truly insist you need to lose 10 pounds a week, it means that you are willing to continue with this diet and really stick to the recommendations while also taking care of the physical exercise aspect. The third day could really be a challenge in terms of determination and commitment. Hold your position and don’t give in after only two days. That is probably why the third day should be a mixture of the previous two allowing you to diversify your food more but still you are to exclude potatoes and butter and anything else that was excluded on the previous days. The fourth day finally brings you bananas, eight in number and lots of skimmed milk.

We know that to lose 10 pounds a week can be quite tough work but we are sure you can do it. Dr. Stevenson’s dietary plan will surely help. Proceed with the fifth day. Beef and skinned chicken whether boiled or baked are on the main menu. You can also have soup, six tomatoes and plenty of water. The next day you may go for vegetables and beef or fish and soup, but avoid potatoes. On the seventh day go for brown rice, fruit juices, soup and vegetables.

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Learn the 10 EASY RULES of dieting & fat loss Fat Loss For Idiots - Read More ...

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