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Brief guide on the hcg diet plan : Phase 1-3

The HCG diet plan is useful for individuals who are interested to try the hcg diet to lose weight.Simply put, the HCG diet is a low calorie diet supplemented by HCG hormone injections that can provide the nourishment while on this diet. In this diet, people could feel depraved due to the low caloric intake;hence, they expect to lose considerable amount of weight. The hcg diet plan is broken down into three phases. These phases are known as loading, maintenance, and stabilization phase. Those who are on this diet must comply first with the loading phase for two days, then 21-40 days of maintenance and a 21 day stabilization period.

The Loading Phase The loading phase is the part of the diet where people must consume a lot of food for the next phase. This is one way of preparing the body to be able to overcome the next phase that requires low calorie consumption. During the loading phase, people must consume a lot of food. Even fatty food such as fried chicken, steak, beef pies and even chocolate, can be consumed altogether. Food rich in carbohydrates like bread, pasta and pizza can also be eaten in the loading phase. Supposedly, the fat stored would be able to sustain the body in the succeeding phase. In addition, the HCG diet plan suggests the possibility of force-feeding because the hypothalamus would still continue to burn fat even beyond the loading days.

Maintenance Phase -The next phase which follows right after the loading phase is the maintenance phase. Typically, this would last for three weeks up to a maximum of 40 days. This is the part where low calorie intake would be implemented by consuming only 500 calories a day.The hcg diet plan’s main highlight is actually the low calorie diet.For the whole duration of the maintenance phase, the body is expected to lose some fatty deposits in various areas.

Stabilization Phase The last phase that is not as severe as the maintenance phase. The dieter can eat more food varieties this time; however, carbohydrates are not allowed to prevent weight gain. Normally, men can consume 1,000 calories and 800 calories for women on a daily basis.

In general, the hcg diet plan when properly used, can help shed as much as 15kgs per cycle.

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